Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Solstice Celebration December 20

Medicine Dance
The Winter Solstice Project
Winter Solstice 2009
Holiday Party/Gathering
Christo Pellani
The Winter Solstice Project Band
Master of Ceremonies
Fred Sugerman

The WSP was conceived in 2007 and birthed in 2008, 5 years before December 21st, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar.

Some perceive these to be the Dark Ages, the Descent before our Final Fall. Armageddon? Apocalypse?

I have always been fascinated by these words and peoples’ perceptions of the end of our times. The end of Us. Us Humans.

But ever since I was a kid; ever since I first entered into backcountry wilderness. Land where mountains and Trees and Waterways and Wildlife have been untouched by human development…

Ever since I felt the pangs of 1st Love; of Crush…

Ever since I perceived I knew what a Friend was…

Ever since I had the 1st inkling of Me. Of Me unadorned, and O.K. and a Child of Spirit…

I Believe. I have Believed in response to these Human Knowings of Love---

I Believe We can not perish. I believe in alternatives to war. I believe our relationship to the Earth and Her inhabitants are Sacred. I believe we walk on Hallowed Ground and that Jesus was saying We are all God’s Daughters and Sons.

The intention of our gathering on Winter Solstice is to remember the Power of Ritual.

To remember who we are.

And to remember our connection to our Selves, to Others, and to the Spirit that Connects us All.

The equation for Remembering:

Live Drums and Music + Transformative Movement + Raging Fire + Council = Remembering


In other words, we are putting on a kick ass, merry-making, sacred and profane Party and we want you to come.

We want to invite old Friends, Family and Strangers (you may be any of the above).

We want you to come a Lone with your most significant Self (You) or we want you to bring everybody you love the most and you want to celebrate being A Live with.

This is a Gathering of the Tribes.
This is a Gathering of Lone Wolves.
This is a Party.


Let us Celebrate our Lives…

The Winter Solstice Project 2009
December 20th 1-7pm
***only $25***
Upper Davies Community Building in Farnsworth Park

if you buy a ticket before November 15th, you get one Saturday morning Medicine Dance class FREE

send a check to:
Fred Sugerman
@Quest Ranch 4101 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
paypal fsugerman@yahoo.com

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